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The Motivation

I have been particularly lucky in my life to travel to some great places and meet some great people. The people I have met have shown me the real culture of the countries we have visited, as opposed to just the tourist spots. Fortunate as the opportunity to see different cultures has been, it has also made me hugely aware of the difference from what the western world has compared to others who are less fortunate. The problem is so great that not one action or one person can solve it, but if we all give a little and the money is aimed directly at those who will benefit from it, many lives can be transformed. It is only a small bit of effort from a lot of people which can make a huge difference. 

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About me

My name is Chris Jones and I am from Surrey, England. In 2021, I graduated Loughborough University with First Class Honors in International Business. During my time at University, I also ran a property business alongside my studies, which I now run full time. In my spare time, I love playing sports like cricket, football and tennis as well as having a keen interest in investing and finance. 

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