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September 2018

project namaste
English Teaching in Nepal

This project was part of a travelling trip around Nepal where we climbed to Everest Base Camp with a friend who was doing his Geography dissertation on the region. We originally planned  to teach English for a couple of weeks however the monks at the monastery were on the final week of a 45 day fasting period for the first week, and the second week was a celebration of their achievement. So we taught as much English as we could in the classroom, but most of the time we taught English to the eager-to-learn monks.

Medyka Route.png

Dhagpo Sheydrub Ling Monastery, Nepal 

The monastery is about 1 hours drive from Kathmandu, Nepal's capital. It is set at the top of a hill and overlooks the capital but is still in the foothills of the Himalayas. 

Trip Summary

This was an amazing trip and one of my first travelling experiences without my parents. It's probably safe to say that this trip set the ball rolling on my opinion that you can help people while travelling and have a great time doing it!

The climb to Everest Base Camp was a tough one and took us 12 days in total. It took most of the trip but given this is about the charitable work we did, I won't go into it too much. Teaching English was relatively simple as the monks already had a good level of vocabulary. The school is clearly very well thought of as they have a waiting list to get in. The kids are disciplined hard with 3 hours of prayers each weekday morning, as well as being fed by the monastery too. Some of the children would not have access to food at home so living in this setting was a real lifeline to the children and adults alike.

Most english lessons were informal and relaxed as everyone was very tired because of the fasting situation we described beforehand. In the second week we were invited to celebrate with them and went to a water park. We hadn't planned to but we ended up holding swimming lessons for the children as not many of them had seen water before. Teaching 120 monks who have never swam before in about an hour was tough, but a great challenge and something we will remember forever.

With Thanks

Fred Ridings

Sam Taylor-Gell

Will Pereira

Kar Ngo Dup Tasi Phuntsu (Tony)

Rudra Bhurah Sunuwar (Harvey)

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