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What can you do?

Get Involved

Whether you want to come with us to Kenya and help build the science laboratory, or you want to donate £1 a month to our cause, we welcome and thank you for your support.


We are extensive sponsorship opportunities from whole projects, T-Shirts, water bottles and much more. 

Sponsoring can be a great way for either you or your company to support a great cause!



Travelling to Kenya and going our cause is a lifelong experience to travel in a way you will never have before.

We will be taking applications soon and putting together a team to help complete this worthwhile project.

Start a fundraiser.

Participating in a fundraiser is a great way to support one of our projects. There are lots of different types of fundraisers you can do to help!

Charity Volunteers
Boutique Clothing Shop

Get some merch.

All profits go directly to one of our projects. There is lots of different apparel and equipment to choose from, so get yourself kitted out today.

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