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Project retca

October-November 2022

Frankadua library and computer lab

In November 2022, we completed Project Retca, the build of a library and computer lab. It was a great achievement and we can't wait for it to start impacting the community. 

Medyka Route.png

On the Map...

Frankadua is a town with a population of around 5,000 people around 3/4 hours drive north of Ghana's capital, Accra. The town has little facilities that we have become accustomed to in the western worlds. It is probably best described as a shanty town but the Frankaduan locals are keen to improve their situation. It is a friendly town with some great people who are actively looking at ways to improve the area and the livelihood of the townspeople.

How it Started

The idea for the project started in July 2022. We were considering a way we could offer help to Frankadua that would give a lasting effect.

During my time volunteering in Ghana in April 2022, I found that the teachers did a remarkable job with the little resources they had available. And so, this sprung the idea to offer them more resources.


Who came to help?

I had a great team of volunteers who dedicated their time to helping get this project over the line. These guys came to Frankadua and became a part of Ghana whilst also grafting out some hours constructing the library.  I can't say thank you enough to everyone in the group who joined me for the experience of a lifetime:

Phil Moss

Tom Grist

Oli Batchelor

Mark Jeffries

Ella Winter

As well as these guys, we also had a huge team of local Ghanaian workers who helped us throughout the build. So, another huge thank you to Simon, Elvis, Godsway, Godsway, Senior, David, Jonathon, Bismarck, Bismarck, Derek, Maxwell, Steven, Shark, Godwin and I'm sure some more. We couldn't have done it without every single one of you.


The Costs

One important part of Chris' Charity Projects is the transparency of the finance. So, for each project I will aim to outline the expected costs vs the actual costs to ensure everyone knows exactly where their donations are going.

The total cost of the library was 219,200 Ghanaian cedis which averaged out at £15,502. The budgeted cost was 137,753 Ghanaian cedis which, when the quotes were collected, averaged out to £13,506. An economic and financial crisis caused the price of everything to increase dramatically and caused us to exceed our budget. I distinctly remember one week where we were quoted 66 cedis per bag of cement on the Monday. By the Wednesday, the price had gone up to 72 cedis per bag, and by Friday had reached 84 cedis a bag. This is hyperinflation like I have never experienced before and so I am happy we made the decision to buy lots of materials early on in the process to protect ourselves against rising costs.

All flights, food and accommodation of the volunteers were paid for out of their own pocket. 


I also a lot of thanks to our donors who have also made this project possible. Small donations were collected on JustGiving but we also had three larger sponsors. The total donations are shown below:

Rotary Club Chantry = £1,000

Cirrus Events Management = £1,000

JustGiving = £1,069.20

Jones Property Estates = £12,500

Retca Roadmap 1
Retca Roadmap 2
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