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Ghana projects

To date we have completed three projects in Ghana for retca school complex. Two of the projects were category one projects and one was a category three project.  they have made a huge positive effect on the community and the school and we continue to monitor their success. 


project retca

Project "retca", named after the school, was a project undertaken and completed to build a library and computer laboratory in Ghana for retca school complex. it supports both the primary and secondary school.

project Nunana

Project Nunana, meaning 'gift' or 'supply'  in ewe, was a project to fully stock the library and computer lab previously built in Ghana. it involved 60,000 books, 25 computers, 30 desks, a 40 foot shipping container, and much more.


project fia nu

Project fia nu, meaning 'teach' in ewe was a category three project for retca school complex where chris, our main trustee, coached football and taught English.

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