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April 2022

project ukraine
Ukraine Visit and Delivery

This project was a huge joint effort with Normandy Cricket Club who held a fundraising day and publicized our journey for us. In total, we drove more than 50 hours through 7 countries across Europe and raised nearly £5,000. We took a van full of supplies and dropped them at the Polish-Ukrainian border in a town called Medyka. The full story follows:

Medyka Route.png

The Journey

From Normandy Cricket Club we drove 2 hours to catch the 7.15am ferry from Dover to Calais. We then drove the whole day and stopped that evening in Freiburg, Germany. We then drove from Freiburg to Medyka to drop the supplies off. We stayed two nights at the border and volunteered helping the refugees. We then drove back via Auschwitz, is not far from the border, and then on to stay one night in Dortmund and one night with friends in Brussels. Finally we took the Dunkirk to Dover ferry home.  

Trip Summary

By Jill Scott, Chair of Normandy CC

As most of you know, following our very successful Bank Holiday Monday collecting for Ukraine, Phil Moss and Chris Jones (CJ) travelled to Ukraine with our donations.

Some of you may have seen Phil's experiences on Facebook, but in case you haven't here is his account of the journey.

Phil and CJ travelled to Freiberg for their first overnight stop before arriving in Medyka. Once they had found the warehouse to unload the van they went on to Jaroslaw where they met up with five south west ambulance crew who were on their third trip with medical supplies.

They were over whelmed by the number of countries represented in Medyka, many of them volunteers who were self funding.

Phil registered as a driver and CJ as a volunteer. CJ helped the US army soldiers setting up beds for the refugees while Phil was transporting people from the airport all day.

Having stayed to help they headed back on the Saturday reaching Dortmund for their overnight stop before continuing onto Brussels. On the Monday they had an early start to reach Dunkirk for the 10.00am ferry.

Phil finished by stating:

"Thank you to everyone who supported us in so many ways, Dave Jones for organizing the fund raising and the immense generosity allowing a van to be filled to the brim with supplies.

What an experience ! CJ and I made choices, where we slept, what we ate, where we went, who we met.

The Ukrainians have no choice!"

Thank you all for your generosity and donations and grateful thanks and congratulations from us all to Phil and CJ!

With thanks

Phil Moss

Normandy CC

Rotary Club, Wakefield Chantry

Mark Jeffries

Richard Taylor

John Stiff

Mike Emmett

The Taylor-Gell Family

Emmanuel Church

Jade Axam

David Iliffe

David and Shelly Jones

All the volunteer coaches at Normandy CC

Everyone else who donated. Thank you all!

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