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September 2019

PRoject Tabia
Cricket Coaching in Kenya

This project was part of a travelling trip around Kenya where we climbed Mount Kenya, visited the Masai Mara, and went on a Safari Tour. I had a friend through cricket who ran a well established charity in the slums just outside Nairobi and we asked if we could help out at all. He took us up on the offer and before we know it we were running coaching sessions for up to 80 children per one coach in schools within the slums. Not only were the children excited but they were also talented, which made our job as coaches much easier. 

The charity we worked for was named the East African Character Development Fund and believes in the power of sport for teaching life skills and morals. A mission that I whole-heartedly support.

Medyka Route.png

Kangemi and Kibera, Kenya

The capital city of Nairobi is home of a huge disparity of wealth between the rich and the poor. There are skyscrapers one street where just 1 mile down the road, slums are prevalent. Kangewi and Kibera slums are not far from the heart of Nairobi.

Trip Summary

On this trip we really only just touched the surface of the great work that the East African Character Development Fund does. It was humbling to see the founders, David, Simon and others, give their time and run a successful charity that helped so many people in the area through a sport we all have a shared love for.

Our actual coaching only lasted two days and we ran sessions for 50+ children. We basically ran their PE lessons at their respective schools. One hugely beneficial part of the trip was the opportunity to talk to the teachers and the students about their various experiences. One girl, who I'll never forgot, had fled from Congo before her 9th birthday to live in the slums of Kenya. She walked the trip herself and couldn't believe how lucky she was to walk into the school with the facilities that were on offer in the slums. The charity made a huge difference to her.

With Thanks

David Waters

Hasita Waters 

Simon Prodger

Will Periera

Max Stevenson

Martin Mworia

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